If you are trying to save yourself from a typical Malaysian Chinese wedding whereby many of your tone-deaf relatives are karaoke enthusiasts, you need a live band. A wedding should be a joyous event with atmosphere of laughter, good food and good music. It should be enjoyable for the guests and the newlyweds. Therefore, a quality live band with classy and relaxing music is the ingredient to the recipe.


  • Live music will make your wedding lively and entertaining. Live performance can always turn any boring events into life.

  • A live band are not just the provider to background music; they are entertainers that could provide not only great music, but interaction with guests. Great interaction could leave guest a wonderful impression of the blissful wedding event.

  • The wedding band is flexible in songs selection because the newlyweds will have the freedom to pick any songs to their liking. The wedding band will also made suitable arrangement according to the response of audience while they perform to avoid awkwardness during the wedding reception.


            We have the best live bands and entertainers, their music range from jazz, bossa nova, pop songs, classic oldies, rock, acoustic and etc. We guarantee a memorable and entertaining wedding.